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wafa app- voice chat room

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wafa app- voice chat room - Muhammed Aqib T.P.
"I always believed in providing creators, with a vision to build a future to grow their talents, to promote creativity and innovation. This is what Wafa does through our voice chat rooms and will always continue to do through our platform."
Muhammed Aqib T.P.
Chief Executive Officer, Wafa

Company culture

Company Culture
At LVE Innovations, we work with people to produce highly talented and creative work. Our company culture revolves around our valued customers and assisting them in their growth with us. We ensure that both our employees and users have a friendly environment and a comfortable social connection. With LVE Innovations, we help you connect worldwide and bring great people together as a dream team.
We will always be honest and fair in our actions, and we will always do what is right. At our company, we believe that acting with kindness, generosity, and empathy always produces the best long-term business outcomes. Our philosophy is that if we take care of our employees and customers, they will take care of us in return. So here we’re cultivating a team of curious, ambitious, lifelong learners, who are always looking to improve themselves. Let's do this by understanding others, listening to feedback, and working together for shared success. We stay positive, are always looking to contribute, and assume the best intentions.
Our vision is to create a unique voice chat experience, revolutionizing the way people connect and communicate with each other. We will also prioritize monetization for the host where we will create a valuable community.
At our core, we believe that every voice deserves to be heard. We're dedicated to creating a meaningful community where anyone, anywhere, and at any time can express themselves and share your voice.

Who We Are.

Our employees are passionate about what they do and work hard every day to bring our mission to life. It’s not just a job to them; it's a chance to make a difference in someone's life or community.

If you're looking to seize this opportunity, we want to hear from you!


Global Offices


Employees Worldwide
Wafa app- voice chat room
Bharat’s No. 1 Voice Chat App
Wafa app- voice chat room
10,000+ New Chat Rooms Daily
We are getting stronger and better every day. People are beginning to see our potential and what we have to offer.
Wafa app- voice chat room
57 Minutes Average Daily Time Spent
We offer a voice chatting platform that is incredibly seamless, which allows people to lose track of time when they connect.
Wafa app- voice chat room
200 Million Minutes Streamed Daily
Our seamless and top-notched voice streaming platform offers the best experience you cannot find anywhere else.
Wafa app- voice chat room
More than 15,000+ Hosts for Voice Rooms
Wafa is a platform for all talents, from singing to storytelling, to entertain your audience and build a loyal following.


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